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Coaching Circles

15 min consultation Free

15 min consultation session with one of the senior coaches


TurnON £10 per classPlans available from £99Purchase required to enroll

At TurnOn Britain we teach a consciousness practice known as Orgasmic Meditation (OM for short.) Each TurnON we play a series of communication games designed to create the visceral sensation of OM, without having to actually do the practice (or remove any clothing!). This is your opportunity to come closer to the community and the practice and decide if it is the right fit for you.

OM Practice Club Free

OM Life is a weekly series designed to guide new and veteran OMers in the philosophy and lifestyle of OM. OM Life evenings follow a theme, are interactive, educational, and fun! They’re also great places to meet OM partners and get your practice questions answered.

OM Life events are free and open to anybody who has completed Intro to OM or basic OM Training with a Certified Trainer!

Art of Intimacy £10 per classPurchase required to enroll

You know that moment you feel the spark of connection between you and another? Or the instant you fully see and feel seen by the person across from you? What about that electricity in your body that comes from not holding back, but letting out what's true for you?

This we call TurnON. And you can experience it when you practice the Art of Intimacy.

Join a group of engaging and open people for an evening of connection and experience more turn on, truth and aliveness in your relationships - new and old. Your future dates will never be the same again, you will learn to make memorable conversations.

Through a series of playful one-on-one communication exercises, feel your desire, speak your truth, and see a deeper side of others around you. Learn how to communicate what you want and create the connection you desire.

Gender Group No purchase required to enroll


Intro to OM £149Purchase required to enroll

What would happen if we rebuilt Orgasm from the ground up, but this time, included consciousness? The day-long Intro to OM Course is the perfect way to learn the basics and philosophy behind OneTaste’s signature practice!

Healing £499Purchase required to enroll

Clear shame, uncover your power, resolve relationship history, and find reconciliation. This weekend course runs from Friday evening, all day Saturday, and through the early afternoon on Sunday.

Desire £499Purchase required to enroll

Learn to have the relationship you know is possible with your own desire. Learn to connect to the body, stimulate the senses, express desires, and turn on your own orgasm! This weekend course runs from Friday evening, all day Saturday, and through the early afternoon on Sunday.

The Relationship Course £499Purchase required to enroll

In this weekend immersion, join TurnON Britain Senior Instructors and masters of relationship for a deep experience of what it means to be in relationship and how people can design their connections to foster the deepest intimacy, the hottest sex, and the most exhilarating sense of play.

The Women's Course £499Purchase required to enroll

The Women's Course is undoing that born shame. It's removing the terror of ruining everything by being you. It's changing the story, once and for all, from Original Sin to Original Surrender because Surrender to Desire is who you were born to be. Shame was never your destiny.

The Men's Course £499Purchase required to enroll

Whether you’ve taken Intro to OM and are ready for a bigger bite, or you’re totally new and want to experience a revolutionary paradigm of relating before learning to OM, The Men's Course is the upgrade for the outdated operating system you’ve been taught.

The Retreat £599Purchase required to enroll

Rejuvenate in community and connection with a 3-day retreat in the English countryside at beautiful Croydon Hall, Somerset. Wake up to yoga in an 11th century converted barn and enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast with a view of the vast rolling hills. Gain insight and real life guidance in desire, receptivity and relationship in daily workshops. Spend the afternoon relaxing by the fireplace, soaking in the spa or walking with new friends in the hills. Discover what is possible in your life when you come from full.

Women's Coaching Circle with Justyna Kucharska and Lucy Devi Hall £50Purchase required to enroll

Women's Coaching Circle on how to listen to and follow desire in order to gain freedom from the cultural conditioning that can pervade our sense of life purpose and relationship.

Once we get free of this conditioning we are able to generate a huge amount of turn on and use our feminine power to manifest our true purpose and the life of abundance that we deserve.

Its an excellent opportunity to get connected to your sisters on the Orgasmic Path whether you are a beginner or an advanced level practitioner and to learn from one another in a supportive and welcoming community.